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Image: Left to right: Kasey Henness, Principal; Elizabeth; Aurora; Kate Jones, Assistant Principal; Allegra; Xavi

Strategy 1: Kindergarten Expo

We have a strong transition plan that is stepped out over the year before children start school. Traditionally, we provide parent and student tours twice a term in Terms 1 and 2. In Term 3 we begin our orientation program with a kindy expo and introduce Stage 3 buddies. In Term 4 our in-class sessions begin and we hold a parent information session.

This year our team are putting in place innovative ways to connect with our children and families, including producing a series of kindy expo videos which we posted on our website and social media channels, ensuring a wide range of access for all families to share with their children.


Given current restrictions, create innovative ways to connect with families and children.

Strategy 2: Ongoing planning

Working closely with the Kindergarten assistant principal and other staff ensures we provide creative and innovative practices where children, families, teachers and the school can connect. For example:

  • development of social stories that will introduce key staff, significant areas within the school such as Kindergarten classrooms, library, school hall, canteen
  • Kindergarten information packs uploaded to our website rather than a physical pack being given to parents
  • A Day in the Life of Kindergarten video shared and an accompanying activity pack posted
  • teachers connect with children and families via Zoom to work through activities
  • Stage 3 buddies record a virtual school tour for their Kindergarten buddies.

By connecting with children and families in multiple and varied ways, we hope we will support children and families to feel comfortable, ask questions and build a sense of familiarity and belonging with our school.


Plan for transition with the following in mind: A strong start to school is the foundation to success at school.

How do these strategies support children, families and educators?

Our transition strategies are all valued practices as they:

  • provide a platform for children and families voices to be heard
  • allow us to answer any questions
  • introduce children and families to our school
  • familiarise children and families with our programs and activities
  • provide opportunities for teachers to build relationships and learn about new students
  • create excitement about children starting Kindergarten.


Commit to ensuring that students and families feel welcome and show excitement to meet and welcome them to school.

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