Syllabus information for leaders

Whole school considerations

Schools may need consider the following if delivering Psychology in 2022:

  • time for planning and programming
  • resourcing, including
    • staffing
    • new teaching resources and materials
    • budget implications to upskill teachers

Teachers may require time to upskill and build their knowledge in order to deliver the course.

Knowledge of the Controversial Issues in Schools policy and procedures is required in planning for the teaching of various aspects of the Psychology course.

The Psychology course has been developed in consultation with schools who previously delivered Psychology as a school-developed board endorsed course (SDBEC). There have been significant changes to the course content and requirements.

Important information:

  • Psychology may be delivered as a 100 or 200-hour course
  • a set of resources has been published to support the implementation of Psychology in schools, including:
    • course document
    • sample scope and sequences
    • assessment advice.

  • professional learning available in 2022

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