Visual design

In the stage 5 elective subject of visual design, students gain an understanding of the design world through the areas of print, object and space-time design in art making, critical and historical studies, the conceptual framework and the frames.

Further information and teaching support is available in the NSW 7-10 Visual Design Syllabus.

Knowledge and skills creative arts - KASCA visual design framework

The KASCA visual design framework breaks down the core components of practice, conceptual framework and the frames into a series of lesson sequences. All lesson sequences come with ready-to-use differentiated learning and teaching resources and are available here and an e-book (PDF 5.02 MB) that can be downloaded to your smart device.

CApture student filmmaking resource

The CApture student filmmaking interactive resource guides Stage 5 creative arts students through the collaborative processes of filmmaking.

Teacher support guide for programming and assessment

A guide to support visual design teachers in delivering CApture - a Stage 5 creative arts filmmaking resource.

CApture teacher support guide for programming and assessment in Stage 5 visual design (DOCX 166 KB)

If you need further assistance with accessibility for any of these resources, please get in touch with us at

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