Community links: Show your audience

Aboriginal ways of learning

8 ways symbol for Community links, Story Sharing 8 ways symbol for Community links, Story Sharing
Image: Community links, Story Sharing

Playbuilding phases


Syllabus outcomes

5.1.2, 5.2.1

Teaching strategies

Students present their place-based group performance to an invited audience from the school or local community. To begin this performance sharing, teachers should organise for Acknowledgement of Country to be delivered.

While watching each other’s performances, students can consider the questions below.

  • Are the links to land/place clear in this performance?
  • How and why is the place/land significant to the audience, the performers and the school/local community?
  • What is the impact of using non-linear story telling?
  • How did the group use images and movement to create dramatic meaning?
  • What elements of the natural world were used in the performance?
  • What new things did I learn from this performance?
  • What did this performance mean to me?

Students should be given time to record their responses to these questions in their logbooks (either drawn or written) so they can refer to them in the post-show yarning circle.

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