Stage 6 and the HSC

Image: Exploring Stage 6 creative arts with classroom teachers and the curriculum advisory team.

Drama GP

In this episode, creative arts curriculum officer Ravenna Gregory speaks with Simone Museth from Byron Bay High School and Bro Reveleigh from Smith's Hill High School about the group devised performance in drama. Listen as they discuss the challenges and highlights of the GP, along with strategies for group formation, a process for devising, assessment and feedback, and the magic of the group devised performance.

Music aural and musicology papers

In this episode, creative arts curriculum officer Alex Manton speaks with Jess Van Ree from Macarthur Anglican School and Patrick Wong from James Ruse Agricultural High School about the written HSC exams for Music 1 and Music 2. Listen as they explore and unpack the aural and musicology papers, and a range of teaching, assessment and feedback strategies.

High leverage strategies across creative arts

In this episode, the Creative Arts Curriculum Team explore high leverage teaching strategies for developing student achievement in the top bands of the HSC for visual arts, music and drama.

Visual arts case studies

In this episode we chat to Brian Shand from Coonabarabran High School and Melanie Cassin from Bossley Park High School about their approach to programming Year 12 case studies. Topics include, artists and content, student writing support, and unpacking the syllabus objective of Art criticism and Art history.
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