Beyond the dots

Beyond the Dots:

  • demonstrates the importance of visual arts in expanding student and teacher critical and creative thinking skills
  • incorporates a background of Aboriginal art and perspectives to encourage students to reflect on the their own artworks and representation without replication through both making and appreciating.
  • demonstrates effective ways to structure a visual arts lesson through examples of strong pedagogy
  • shows the ways in which visual arts can enhance learning in HSIE, literacy and cross-curricula priorities.

Introduction to Beyond the dots video

Duration 2:09 minutes

For inspiration and to increase their understanding.

Step 1: The research stage

Duration 5:06 minutes

An aim to increase the students’ knowledge on the subject matter.

Step 2: The planning stage

Duration 2:12 minutes

Take what you have learnt and link it to your background knowledge and experiences.

Step 3: The art-making stage

Duration 1:27 minutes

And they move onto the art making.

Step 4: The reflection stage

Duration 4:59 minutes

An opportunity to think back on their art making process.
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