National Music Teacher Mentoring Program

The National Music Teacher Mentoring Program (NMTMP) is a unique in-school professional learning program open to all K-6 NSW Department of Education schools. Experienced primary music teachers are paired with K-6 classroom teachers to mentor and build teachers’ capacity to teach classroom music.

In 2023, the 8-session mentoring program will be available in both Semester 1 (program A) and Semester 2 (program B). Teachers interested in participating as a mentor or mentee are invited to apply for the Semester 1 (program A) or Semester 2 (program B) sessions.

Schools who have participated in previous years are encouraged to reapply with new or returning mentee teachers.

The NMTMP is linked to the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus. This program provides an excellent opportunity to strengthen teaching practice in preparation for the release of the new Creative Arts K-6 syllabus in 2024.

Applications for the 2023 NMTMP are now open – follow the links below to apply.

The National Music Teacher Mentoring Program (NMTMP) is a national initiative, established in 2016 by the late Richard Gill (OA), with partner Australian Youth Orchestra.

The NMTMP creates opportunities for every student to access quality music education in the classroom. The program operates across remote, regional and metropolitan Australia.

Experienced K-6 music teachers (mentors) work with participating teachers (mentees) in their classroom, to build their confidence, skills and practices in delivering valuable music experiences for students.


  • focuses on team-teaching lessons co-designed by the mentor and mentee
  • provides flexible delivery negotiated between the mentor and mentee
  • does not require specialised equipment or prior knowledge
  • empowers teachers to confidently embed musical content into their regular teaching practice
  • is linked to the NSW Creative Arts K-6 Syllabus.
  • Term 4, Week 7 – applications for Program A and B open
  • Term 4, Week 9 – Program A applications close
  • Term 4, Week 10 – Program A successful schools notified
  • Term 1, Week 4 – Program A preparation commences
  • Term 1, Week 6 – Program A launch meeting
  • Term 1, Week 10 (TBC) – national mentor conference
  • Term 2, Week 4 – Program B applications close
  • Term 2, Week 5 – Program B successful schools notified
  • Term 2, Week 8 – Program A concludes
  • Term 3, Week 1 – Program B preparation commences
  • Term 4, Week 4 – Program B launch meeting
  • Term 4, Week 7 – Program B program concludes.

The NMTMP provides participating teachers (mentees) with:

  • personalised professional learning delivered in their classroom
  • skills and confidence to deliver musical learning experiences
  • expert support and mentoring from an experienced K-6 classroom music teacher
  • co-designed planning, programming and assessment strategies
  • a range of resources and practices to embed across the curriculum
  • access to a supportive community of mentees and mentors
  • approximately 15 hours of Teacher Identified Professional Development.

The NMTMP provides mentors with opportunities for:

  • sharing and modelling meaningful music education practices
  • improved leadership skills
  • networking with other teachers around NSW
  • training and development, with masterclasses delivered online
  • ongoing support with optional online mentor sessions
  • access to emerging department and other music resources
  • engagement with a supportive community of mentees and mentors
  • approximately 5 hours of Teacher Identified Professional Development.

The mentee school is responsible for funding this program.

The total cost of the program is 2 casual relief days per participating mentee teacher for program A or program B. The cost is calculated on ¼ day of casual release per participating mentee teacher. This cost is paid to the mentor’s school in order to cover the release of the mentor teacher. This covers the release of the mentor to provide planning mentoring and demonstration sessions throughout the NMTMP.

Application information:

  • only one application is required per school (up to 4 applicants can apply per application)
  • principal approval is required to apply
  • schools who have previously participated in the program are encouraged to reapply
  • all school contexts will be considered, with preference given to schools with 2 or more participating teachers.

To apply:

Successful applicants will be provided with more detailed information in the program acceptance paperwork.

Mentors are selected for their highly-developed K-6 music education skills, as well as their willingness to share, collaborate and mentor.

Application information:

Outstanding candidates are welcome to apply with:

  • demonstrated excellent K-6 classroom music teaching skills
  • at least 3 years K-6 classroom music teaching experience
  • principal approval to participate in the program.

Please note:

  • teachers who have previously participated as a mentor are required to re-apply
  • mentors are required to submit a short teaching video in support of their application. Details are outlined in the application form. Mentors who participated in the 2022 NMTMP are not required to resubmit a teaching video.

To apply:

Applicants accepted as mentors will be provided with more detailed information in the program acceptance paperwork.

Contact us

Please direct any questions to the National Music Teacher Mentoring Program Project Advisor.

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