Arts across the curriculum

In the creative arts K-6, students engage in learning experiences in visual arts, music, drama and dance. Linking within these artforms and connecting to other key learning areas assists in working towards outcomes in one or more artforms.

Aboriginal perspectives, practices and traditions

Stages 2 and 3

Aboriginal perspectives, practices and traditions in the arts (DOCX 1.4MB) are rich and plentiful. This resource assists teachers to explore this understanding with their students through rich and engaging content.

Tuning in – arts and wellbeing

‘Tuning In’ is a free online excursion developed through a collaboration between the NSW Department of Education, Musica Viva In Schools, Studio A, Sydney Opera House, and Sydney Theatre Company.

Each session is presented by a professional from each of these organisations and is aimed at developing K-6 student skills in creative arts and wellbeing through collaborative projects that can be completed after the event.

The sessions include:

  • Yarning Circles – an Acknowledgement of Country and Yarning through creative arts.
  • Drama and resilience – building skills in resilience and in drama through an engaging text.
  • Music and adaptability – guidance and ideas to adapt materials to create musical instruments and organise sound.
  • Visual arts and perseverance – inspiration and guided techniques for building perseverance when creating a school mural.
  • Dance to build relationships – using our surroundings to build relationships for dance inspirations.
  • Teacher Webinar – industry professionals and arts educators answer questions connected to this program and the creative arts.

Each event includes a downloadable guide of resources for future reference.

Free registration at Tuning in – creative arts and wellbeing.

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