Woy Woy South Primary School

As well as experiencing COVID-19 shutdowns, Woy Woy South Primary School on the NSW Central Coast also experienced some of the highest daily rainfall totals in the state.

Despite its challenges, the school under the guidance of its Principal Matt Barr and Deputy Principal Sandra Lappan, ensured that the COVID ILSP small group tuition was integrated into the schools business as usual.

Woy Woy South Public School is a K-6 school in the Brisbane Water network and Koorana Local AECG with a student population of 590 students including 43 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

COVID ILSP - with its literacy and numeracy focus - is being delivered to students (Years K-6) with the greatest need in line with the School Vision and Strategic Directions.

The school employed teachers with expertise in literacy and numeracy to deliver the program and created 16 groups with 8 focus areas.

An individual plan is developed for each student based on their identified strengths and needs. Student observations are entered as part of each learning cycle and are used to create learning goals and growth with achievements recorded.

Data collection is an essential element in the identification of students and the ongoing monitoring of students using the teaching and learning cycle.

The school used ongoing formative assessments to monitor student progress using the Literacy and numeracy progressions. Educators delivering small group tuition keep a learning support plan where they summarise pre-and post-test findings for each student, outline their teaching strategies for small group tuition, and suggest next steps for each student, this is saved and shared at fortnightly meeting with teachers and communicated to parents.


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