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With the COVID Intensive Learning Support Program (ILSP) well and truly underway, some schools have shared the ways in which the program has impacted the learning outcomes of students at their school.

The vast diversity of schools in NSW means that each one is at a different stage of implementing the program. School leaders and educators are collaborating and learning from the unique journeys that others have taken so far.

Here are some comments from DELs, principals, coordinators and teachers from across the state and check out some of the school case studies.

“‘Schools are being very strategic with their use of funding and are ensuring sustainability of practice and learning is part of their long term planning… Results are already being seen and most of the schools in this network are using PLAN2 as their preferred way of managing the program.”

“We are holding a parent/carer celebration afternoon tea for our first group of students to share their success. We are now looking to build the capability of our LaSTs and a few more tutors to scale up our program prototype to reach more students.”

“The school leadership team is considering data sets to inform the selection of students and have introduced ‘collaboration days’ into the school calendar to enable additional educators and classroom teachers to connect...”

So far, schools have also found the information on the COVID ILSP digital platforms to be accessible, relevant and invaluable to growing the program.

“We have accessed the website extensively to unpack what is required in the COVID ILSP. The sample models of delivery have helped shape our thinking in terms of what we will do within our school context.”

“I have created draft versions of small group tuition timetables to present to the executive team in terms of what will work best for our context. These drafts were built drawing upon the research advice cited on the COVID ILSP website.”

“Using the website [was] the first ‘go to’ for additional educators to familiarise themselves with the program. [We] believe engaging with the available research on the website is paramount to a foundational understanding of the program for additional educators.”

We are grateful to the more than 5,300 members of the COVID ILSP school community on Microsoft Teams sharing the ways in which this program is supporting the children who need it most across NSW.

Want to join others in the COVID ILSP community and join the Microsoft Team? Participate in discussions, join expert sessions and access valuable professional learning and resources by completing the COVID ILSP Teams enrolment for [staff only].

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