About the program

The COVID intensive learning support program (COVID ILSP) provides small group tuition for students who need it most across NSW primary, secondary and specialist schools.

Through the program, schools have been provided with funding to employ additional educators who will deliver small group tuition for students who need it most.

The 2021 program started during Term 1, 2021 and ran throughout the school year. This was a joint effort between the NSW Department of Education, Catholic Schools NSW (CSNSW) and the Association of Independent Schools of NSW (AISNSW).

In November 2021, the NSW Government announced that it would continue to boost student learning through targeted small group tuition for another year, through an additional $383 million investment. The 2022 program has built on the successes and lessons learnt from the 2021 COVID ILSP to help improve educational outcomes for government and non-government students whose learning has been most impacted by the pandemic.

In October 2022, the NSW government extended the program for a further 6 months from January to June 2023.

Key features

  • Small group tuition will be provided by additional educators – including casual and temporary teachers, retired teachers and student teachers – who will work closely with classroom teachers to make sure the tuition is well targeted.
  • The tuition will focus on literacy and/or numeracy that is targeted at students' learning needs.
  • Schools will be supported to identify students who will benefit from intensive support with assessment, monitoring and reporting information.

What is small group tuition?

Small group tuition involves supplementary teaching and learning support for groups of 2-5 students. Students are taught consistently for a predetermined amount of time with the intention to reinforce classroom instruction.
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