Teachers Innovation Challenge

An innovation challenge is a compelling way of generating innovative ideas. Teachers will generate ideas for creating new or improving teaching pedagogy and student experience while remaining engaged as the challenge progresses through regular feedback and updates.

While teachers propose their ideas to their colleagues, enabling them to select the winning idea. This 'game-style' format creates high levels of engagement and a strong culture of innovation.

Who can apply?

Secondary KLAs teachers Years 7 - 12 from the Department of Education.

EOIs for 2023 have now closed.

Why an Innovation Challenge?

Faced with rapid technological advances, growing competition, and changing students' behaviour, schools need to find innovative ways to gain a competitive advantage. Launching an innovation challenge can help schools to:

  • unlock innovation potential through a game-like approach
  • improve student outcomes and reveal their entrepreneurial mindset
  • optimise performance through a culture of innovation and improved ways of working
  • provides teachers and students an opportunity to have a say
  • encourage a culture of innovation within the department to solve problems and improve student outcomes and teacher's self-efficacy.


Participating teachers are expected to:

  1. engage in the MyPL iEntrepreneur e-learning modules to gain a sound understanding of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial learning resource prior to the workshops
  2. attend two day face to face incubation workshop at the Sydney Startup Hub
  3. project plan to deliver the resource to the teacher’s school community
  4. implement their innovation
  5. complete an evaluation form
  6. submit a final project report based on the delivery
  7. attend and present at the symposium in Sydney Startup Hub.


Teachers to innovate creative approaches to deliver the entrepreneurial resource either as a:

  • whole school approach
  • specific cohort
  • specific Stage
  • designated class
  • select group of students.

Critical Success Factors

  • Describe the impact the challenge had on students
  • Explain how the impact is measured
  • Detail how teaching practices have been alternated as a result of this challenge
  • Explain how will the findings will be disseminated

Pathways and Transitions in collaboration with NSW KLA teacher’s experts in their subject/s, created an entrepreneurial learning package – iEntrepreneur. The package consists of:

  • a comprehensive introduction based on research, school policies, and how the entrepreneurial resource can assist schools in achieving their School Success Model through entrepreneurial learning
  • thirty-seven lessons with accompanying resources, including student worksheets and videos. Lessons are based on the process delivered with the mindset as the focus
  • entrepreneurial resource mapped to the NSW Years 7-12 Curriculum
  • ten e-learning modules used for teacher's professional learning and accessible on MyPL. The modules deep dive into each entrepreneurial mindset and provide a guide on how the resource is intended to be used.

Teachers are expected to attend two days of face to face workshops at Sydney Startup Hub . The workshops are designed to provide teachers with deep knowledge of entrepreneurship, critical and creative thinking, and participate in experiential learning. The workshops will unpack the Teachers Innovation Challenge.
Note: Eligible participants may apply to subsidise travel and accommodation.

Expression of Interest now closed for 2023.

The Sydney Startup Hub

Sydney Startup Hub (SSH) facilitates the jobs of the future by supporting the innovation ecosystem and make NSW the most effective place in Australia to establish a business. Sydney Startup Hub aims to provide the ‘ideal’ conditions for founders to quickly grow their young business. Since opening 2018, nearly 6,000 jobs have been created and saw Koala mattresses launch their career.

The Department of Education can’t be better placed than with the SSH for the Teachers Innovation Challenge. Teachers will benefit from the expertise of the SSH accumulated knowledge and an on opportunity to being connected to a thriving ecosystem.

The 2022–2023 timeframe




Term 1 2023

Term 2 2023
Registration open
Registration close

Teachers information

Teachers complete e-Learning
modules on MyPL (3 hours)

Incubation workshop x 2 days

Teachers implement challenge

Teachers evaluation

Teachers written report

Symposium x 1 day


The teacher will be the lead for this innovation. They will select who they choose to participate in the innovation. Examples include but are not limited to:

School commitment
  • Schools will require to release the teacher/s to attend incubator workshops and symposium held in 2023.
  • Allow the teacher to create opportunities to learn with others to effectively plan and collaborate.
  • Encourage forming strategic partnerships between schools and stakeholders to drive change.
  • Promote the benefits and values of entrepreneurial learning, risk-taking, and innovation to position students for success.

Note: If profits are made by the school from a business venture, they can be used to sustain the project, donate to charity, or purchase school resources to benefit the school community.


All participating teachers are expected to attend the one day face to face symposium at the Sydney Startup Hub and present their innovative delivery to the group.

Teacher's commitment

Teachers participating in the Teachers Innovation Challenge are expected to commit to the project's longevity by providing student support through mentoring and reviewing students’ performance.

Teachers will be required to:
  • complete the 3 hour iEntrepreneur e-learning modules on MyPL Term 1, 2023
  • attend the two days face to face incubator workshops in Term 1, 2023
  • project plan their delivery, commencing at the Sydney Startup Hub Term 1, 2023
  • delivery of their initiative at their school Term 1, 2023
  • complete the evaluation form Term 2, 2023
  • submit their report Term 2, 2023
  • attend the symposium Term 2, 2023
  • Expression of Interest Google form.
Withdrawal from the challenge

Should a teacher no longer wish to participate in the Teachers Innovation Challenge, the school must advise the department in writing, providing details on the reason/s for withdrawing and when it is to take effect.

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