Career stories

Career stories are a useful narrative describing the process and results of implementing a program. Career stories are a great way to focus on the experience of the students and demonstrate how the program has been used successfully to enhance student career learning outcomes. It is important to recognise challenges, how these challenges were overcome and what positives came out of them. The main purpose of these career stories is to highlight and showcase successful career education and career learning practices.

In the School to Work report many careers advisers indicated they would like to share ideas, hear about the programs other schools deliver, their achievements and available careers resources. One way Senior Pathways is responding to these requests is by creating a selection of career stories.

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Share your story or your school’s story

If you would like to share an area of your school’s career education program, contact the Senior Pathways team on 7814 3286 or email .

For more information see template and suggested questions below.

Instructions and template for responses.

Questions to guide your case study.

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