Career learning

Career learning describes the ongoing lifelong process of managing learning, work and life. It requires the skills and knowledge to plan and make informed decisions about education, training and career choices. The NSW Department of Education is committed to preparing young people for rewarding lives as engaged citizens and a dynamic society.

The career learning framework provides students with access to quality career related learning and education provision for young people. The framework will set the context which individual schools operate to provide students with meaningful learning experiences that foster well-being, ensure positive post school experience in work, education and training leading to a productive and successful life.

During the early years, students explore the world of work through structured, age-appropriate activity and play. Primary school students gain ideas about the world of work through play and storytelling.

Very young children can talk about the jobs they want when they grow up and be encouraged to explore a wide-range of occupations.

Students in Years 5 to 8 experience different career learning opportunities to test ideas about work and careers, including gender stereotypes. Students learn to self-manage by planning, prioritising and making decisions.

Students’ engagement in career learning grows throughout their schooling. They gain a sense of who they are, what matters to them and how they might contribute to society, as well as engage in life, learning and work.

In Years 9 -12 students develop skills, attitudes and knowledge to make sound choices and to effectively manage their careers. Career education programs include work education, work studies, authentic interaction with local industry and businesses and other workplace learning programs.

This leads to developing informed career and transition plans and taking purposeful action towards a successful post school transition.

Transition to employment and/or further education and training and working towards ongoing career self-management.

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