Njulgang ‘We All’ Interactive Stall for 2017 SpecFest

This year’s SpecFest, the pre-show entertainment to the Schools Spectactular, featured a new interactive stall entitled Njulgang hosted by Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate. Njulgang is pronounced new-wool-garng and means ‘We All’ in Dharawal Language.

Njulgang provided a wonderful opportunity to engage with families and teachers to share the work of the Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate and the NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group Inc (AECG).

The NSW AECG shared information with teachers about the important programs offered by their organisation, including Healthy Culture Healthy Country and Connecting to Country which provide teachers and school staff with an opportunity to learn more about their local Aboriginal culture and history and how to develop a cultural curriculum.

The Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate organised a number of fun and interactive activities for children and young people to participate in including colouring in boomerangs, creating red, yellow and black beaded bracelets and creating Australian animal puppets for their own puppet theatre show.

Taronga Zoo’s ‘Animals of the Dreaming’ sessions, combined native animals and dreaming stories. Students and families’ expressed their enjoyment and thanks for the opportunity to engage with the variety of native animals, Aboriginal music, stories, and dance as well as learning the history of different artefacts.

Michael Jarrett, Aboriginal Language and Culture Nest teacher from Coffs Harbour conducted a challenging but fun session teaching attendees to speak words in Gumbaynggir language.

The event provided a wonderful opportunity for Aboriginal Education and Communities Directorate staff to engage with teachers, parents and the community and discuss their role and how ‘We All’ support Aboriginal students in NSW Public Schools.

NSW AECG StallNSW Aboriginal Education and Consultative Group staff at the Njulgang interactive stall.

BoomerangColouring craft activity on boomerangs

Frog Puppet Puppet Theatre featuring ‘Why Frogs are Timid’.

Taronga ZooUncle Col from the 'Animals of the Dreaming' Taronga Zoo session

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