Establish a local Aboriginal program at school

Schools are encouraged to work with their local community in establishing an Aboriginal languages program as part of their whole school curriculum implementation.

Step 1: Make contact with your AECG

Assistance you can seek from your local AECG can include:

  1. What language is to be taught
  2. Who may be best to teach it (including identified skills, knowledge and/or qualifications)
  3. What resources are to be used
  4. Can the AECG nominate a contact person/representative the school can work closely with.

Schools should allow time for the AECG to gather this information.

Once the recommended Aboriginal language tutor is identified, the school provides all relevant staffing forms including organising a working with children check.

Step 2: Programming and syllabus development

The Aboriginal languages K–10 syllabus and the Aboriginal languages Stage 6 content endorsed course syllabus allows Aboriginal languages to be recognised as a formal subject that can be taught in NSW Schools. Schools should contact NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) once initial endorsement is achieved to develop any curriculum required documents.

Step 3: Funding

In accordance with the department?s Local Schools, Local Decisions reform, school funds can be used to implement an Aboriginal language program.

Standard of pay for Aboriginal language tutors (intranet link).

Step 4: Final endorsement

The school should seek final endorsement from the AECG. The school leadership and the AECG contact person/representative should present at a formal meeting. The presentation should include:

  • the language
  • Aboriginal language tutors name
  • scope and sequence
  • teaching program
  • resources needed
  • timetable.

Step 5: Implementation

Once endorsed, start implementing the local Aboriginal language program:

  • Provide relevant updates to the AECG.
  • Provide teacher support to the Aboriginal Language Tutors during language lessons.
  • Provide professional development for the Aboriginal language tutor.
  • Conduct an annual review of the program including representatives from the AECG.
  • Support the Aboriginal Language Tutor to collect relevant data and information relating to the program.
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