Bourke - Inland Northern NSW

Famed bush poet, Henry Lawson famously said ‘If you know Bourke, you know Australia’. Located on the banks of the Darling River, Bourke is a historic port town that was once an important trading centre and transportation hub. Now, the town emanates old world charm, with heritage buildings, abundant natural attractions and warm outback hospitality.

Scenery of Bourke including a river and grasslands Scenery of Bourke including a river and grasslands

Bourke is the major service centre in the Far West with many government departments based here. Bourke Hospital, which is supported by a network of health services, medical practitioners and visiting specialists, is home to outstanding health facilities.

The area also offers a range of excellent public schools where students are encouraged to realise their full potential, within and beyond the school environment. ‘One of the things that's really unique about working in a Connected Communities school is that there's this concept that the school doesn't end at the fence line’. Murray, R/Executive Principal, Bourke High School.

If you’re considering a move to enhance your career, the Bourke area is a wonderful place to raise a family and is known for the positive and welcoming nature of its schools and communities.

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