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Do you have school leadership in your sights? The NSW Department of Education is providing new and experienced teachers and executive the opportunity to accelerate their careers to school principalship with the FASTstream Program. Here are the essentials you need to know.

Why was it developed and what does it entail?

Excellence in leadership is a key factor in determining student and school success. To ensure all NSW public schools have strong future leaders, the department has developed the FASTstream Program, consisting of three phases that participants progress through on their path to senior leadership. Further information on these phases (as well as other program details) is available in the FAQ section of the FASTstream Program webpage.

Who can apply?

Current teachers and executive members in NSW public schools and other educational systems in Australia, as well as initial teacher education students completing their studies by the end of 2023, are encouraged to apply.

How many positions are available?

In 2023, the department will be accepting 30 teachers and 20 teaching graduates into the program.

When can I get started?

You can start today. Applications are open until 11:59pm Sunday, 21 May 2023. You can submit your application using the online application form.

The application will involve submitting responses to key questions and providing the contact details of two referees*. Additionally, applicants are asked to prepare a digital story - a short video presentation that conveys both your motivation to teach and aspiration to lead in NSW public schools, which is required to be submitted separately to the application via Dropbox.

*Permanent NSW public school teachers must provide one referee who is a current supervisor or Principal.

Keen to hear from those who have accelerated their careers through the FASTstream Program?

Meet Alexis. She spent seven years as a classroom teacher, six years as head teacher of English and is now employed as a Deputy Principal. Alexis joined the FASTstream Program and this is what she had to say about her experience.

Accelerate your path to school principalship with the FASTstream Program
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