This scholarship is open to teachers currently teaching economics, commerce, business studies, business and public administration or other fields in NSW secondary schools (year 7-12) or TAFE NSW campuses. The scholarship is for the identification of exemplary practice and professional development relevant to teaching and learning of economics at school or TAFE.

The successful applicant will identify leading practice in teaching economics, and present recommendations for teaching economics and engaging students with the subject.

The Reserve Bank of Australia employs a large number of economics graduates each year. However, the Bank has observed a marked fall in the size and diversity of the economics student population - both at school and university. The number of students who study economics influences the level of economic literacy in society, while the diversity of those students ultimately influences the collective ability of the economics profession and approaches to economic policies.

The goal of this scholarship is to raise awareness of Economics as a valuable field of study, attract a diverse body of students to the field and support excellence in teaching the subject.

The successful applicant will undertake a study tour and follow-up activities of up to five weeks within Australia, with optional virtual international connections undertaken as appropriate. Study tour travel is to be completed in one block by 30 June 2023, with individual follow-up activities and reporting to be completed within 90 days of study tour completion.

Time may involve formal study (eg, undertaking a short course at a respected tertiary institution) or may involve a program of visits to sites, schools and institutions to conduct interviews, observe exemplary practices and collect resources for the preparation of teaching materials related to the specific scholarship category.

A portion of time (up to one week) should be allocated toward follow-up dissemination activities (eg, experience-sharing, professional learning) within and across NSW, either in-person or virtually. Study tour follow-up activities and outcomes should ideally include specific reference to enhancing rural and regional education.

One scholarship of $15,000 will be offered for travel during 2023.

Proudly supported by the Reserve Bank of Australia

Premier's Reserve Bank of Australia Economics Scholarship

The Scholarship Terms and Conditions apply to all Premier's Teacher Scholarships. Applicants are advised to follow the guide to applying when preparing and submitting an application. As part of the online application, applicants must upload the Endorsement of Application form and their curriculum vitae/resume.

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