Guide to the selection process

Expert review

Applications submitted by the closing date, are considered by a subject matter expert. The expert may be based in a government or non-government school, TAFE campus, preschool, professional association or a sponsor organisation. The expert will shortlist the applications that most closely align with the criteria of the scholarship and objectives of the program. The shortlisted applications will be forwarded to the selection panel for review.

Selection panel

A selection panel is convened for each scholarship. The panel is made up of a minimum of five representatives from government and non-government schools, TAFE campuses and preschools according to the scholarship subject. Each panel includes a sponsor representative and a subject matter expert, some panels may include a past recipient. The selection panel advises the Premier of the successful applicant and a reserve (if appropriate).

Successful applications

Successful applicants will be informed of their successful candidacy and invited to a formal announcement event hosted by the Premier. This event is expected to be held during Term 4, 2022.

Unsuccessful applications

Applicants not selected for the scholarship will be notified by email and may seek feedback on their application. Further information on this feedback process is provided to these applicants.

If you have an unsuccessful application, you may choose to apply in the following year.

Note: School Workforce directorate of the Department of Education administer the program on behalf of the Department of Premier and Cabinet. School Workforce does not play a role in the selection of successful applicants.

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