The department is currently developing new mid-career programs to support the best and brightest professionals to retrain as teachers. These programs will ensure we meet the staffing needs of all NSW public schools now and into the future.

Participants who possess significant industry experience including academics, high-performing professionals and subject matter experts, will be given the opportunity to be employed at a school and begin teaching whilst completing the remainder of their qualification. Participants will also be provided with support and mentoring to ensure that they are delivering the highest quality teaching practices within NSW public schools.

All program participants will achieve a nationally-recognised teaching qualification.

Teach and make a difference - Glen

When will this program begin?

We are currently working with our key stakeholders to ensure we create the highest quality program that will support candidates to excel as teachers. We anticipate the programs will commence in 2022.

Will the programs be offered for all teaching subjects?

Initially the programs will be focused on our high-demand subjects of mathematics, science and Technological and Applied Studies (TAS).

Which institutions will offer these accelerated pathway courses?

The department is yet to determine which institutions will offer the new programs. Over the coming months the department will work closely with universities to co-design the new programs.

Where can we find out more information about the programs?

As we continue to develop the programs, we will release further details about the programs and the application process. Subscribe to receive program updates if you would like to receive additional information as it becomes available.

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