Arrangements for engaging chaplains

Arrangements  for engaging chaplains in NSW public schools

  • A chaplain can only be engaged by the school, through a chaplaincy provider or through the school’s Parents and Citizens Association (if incorporated) in line with the Department’s procurement processes.
  • Chaplain providers (including school Parents and Citizens Associations) must enter into the Agreement for the National School Chaplaincy Program with the school and agree to its terms and conditions.

Common conditions to apply to the engagement of all Chaplains/providers

  • Chaplains and chaplain providers are to commit to the following requirements:
    • Chaplains* must:
      • not proselytise
      • respect, accept and be sensitive to other people’s views, values and beliefs
      • comply with the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act 2012 (NSW) and all related laws concerning child protection
      • meet the Programme’s minimum qualification requirements (a Certificate IV in Youth Work or Pastoral Care (or equivalent) which must include competencies in ‘mental health’ and ‘making appropriate referrals’).
  • Chaplains/chaplain providers are to participate in any reporting or Programme evaluation requirements, as requested by the school/sector.
  • Chaplains/chaplain providers are to agree to appropriately acknowledge and recognise the roles of the Commonwealth and New South Wales in the content of any events, announcements, promotional material or publicity relating to activities under the National School Chaplaincy Programme.
  • Chaplains are to be recognised by the school community and the appropriate governing authority for the school as having the skills and experience to deliver school chaplaincy to the school community.
  • Chaplains are to be recognised through formal ordination, commissioning, recognised religious qualifications or endorsement by a recognised or accepted religious institution.

* A title other than ‘chaplain’ may be used where the title is appropriate to the religious affiliation of the individual.

Core criteria to apply to all chaplains/providers

  • Chaplains/chaplain providers are to, at their own expense, certify that the chaplain is not a prohibited person under any child protection laws and will agree to undergo any screening as required under these laws and/or by policies of the school/sector.
  • Where a school sources a chaplain through a provider, the provider must be able to replace a chaplain if the chaplain is unable to remain with the school.

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