Flexible funding for wellbeing services

In March 2015, the NSW Government announced the $167.2 million Supported Students, Successful Students package of wellbeing support for NSW public schools. The package includes $51.5 million of flexible funding for wellbeing services, equivalent to an additional 200 student support officers.

During 2016-2018, 381 schools received this funding. For the 2019 school year, these 381 schools will receive the same level of funding for wellbeing services. New allocations will be determined for 2020 onward taking into consideration the Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation findings of the evaluation of the initiative.

How was the methodology for the Flexible Funding for Wellbeing Services developed?

A stakeholder advisory group comprising education, parent and union representatives guided the development of the methodology for flexible funding for wellbeing services. Stakeholder consultation feedback has informed the development of this methodology.

What principles underpin the methodology?

The methodology for the flexible funding for wellbeing services:

  • is informed by feedback from focus groups held across the state and NSW school and student data
  • provides an allocation that reflects student need
  • will be adjusted every three years
  • will enable schools to purchase additional wellbeing services

Can I apply for Flexible Funding for Wellbeing Services?

No. 381 schools were provided an allocation based on the methodology developed by the Stakeholder Advisory Group.

How is the Flexible Funding for Wellbeing Services allocation determined?

The methodology has three components which capture a broad range of schools with varying needs. The methodology provides support to large schools, schools with unique profiles such as residential schools and schools with complexity associated with a high refugee population and child protection indicators and total school resourcing.

How can schools use the Flexible Funding for Wellbeing Services?

Principals may use flexible wellbeing services funding to employ additional staff including; student support officers, school counselling staff additional to the core allocation, teachers to support wellbeing, and community liaison officers.

Schools may consider using some funding to support the capacity of classroom teachers to meet the wellbeing needs of their students e.g. professional learning in whole school evidence-based approaches such as Positive Behaviour for Learning, MindMatters and KidsMatter.

Schools may choose to engage an external provider to deliver wellbeing services in line with the Department’s procurement procedures.

How do I employ a non-teacher based wellbeing service?

Schools seeking to employ additional non teacher staffing will need to contact Human Resources via https://education.nsw.gov.au/human-resources or telephone EDConnect 1300 32 32 32.

What reporting is required related to this funding?

Schools receiving this funding are required to show how they have used the funds to support the school’s planned approach to student wellbeing. This is done through the ‘other school focus areas’ section of the Annual Report.

Further information

General enquires about flexible wellbeing funding can be emailed to wellbeingfunding@det.nsw.edu.au

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