Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool for Schools

The Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool is available as an optional resource for schools to assess their student wellbeing approaches and programs. The Tool is complemented by a professional learning package.

The Tool is designed to help schools understand wellbeing by engaging with the Wellbeing Framework for Schools and the key concepts that foster the development of healthy, happy, productive and successful individuals.

At this time these resources are being published as working documents with the opportunity for schools to provide feedback to further develop the Tool.

The Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool

The Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool has been developed to assist schools in understanding and assessing their schools’ approaches and programs to support student wellbeing. The Tool includes processes that help schools identify and assess their current wellbeing approaches and programs, find evidence to support their assessment and identify areas for future growth.

Professional learning

Two sessions of professional learning are included as part of the package.

Engaging with the Wellbeing Framework

This professional learning session is designed as an overview of the Wellbeing Framework for Schools and the links between wellbeing and learning.

Using the Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool

This professional learning session provides an overview of the Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool. It shows how the Tool can be used by schools to identify and gather evidence of their current approaches and programs to student wellbeing. This evidence can be used to evaluate the approaches and identify areas for future growth.

Opportunity to provide feedback on the resources

Schools that use the resources are invited to complete a five minute survey to provide feedback on the effectiveness of these resources for future improvement of the Tool.

Wellbeing Self-assessment Tool for School feedback survey

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