Networked Specialist Centres

Networked Specialist Centres (NSCs) support schools to respond to the complex needs of students, and their families/carers,by assisting with access to specialist support.

Responding to the educational needs of some students may involve multiple services including specialist expertise within education and government and non-government providers of mental health services, child protection services, health services, disability services, family support services and police.

Each centre has a facilitator. NSC facilitators establish and maintain systemic, interagency relationships and build a sustainable network of specialist support services for schools and an access point for other agencies to connect with Education in regard to complex matters.

Each school is connected to an NSC through which to access the broader service system. NSCs can facilitate this additional support for schools through principals and local specialist support staff.

Schools, with the support of these specialist staff, will be able to use the network to effectively and efficiently access and coordinate interagency supports for students and families/carers, where and when they are needed.

Where issues impact a school community, a response through a cross-agency, collaborative approach may be required.

NSCs are underpinned by the principles of collective impact and place-based decision making. Regional and local agency coalitions coordinate their resources and services to achieve greater impact and efficiency than could be achieved with each agency working in isolation.

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