Student Behaviour

The new Student Behaviour Policy and Procedures supports the implementation of the Student Behaviour Strategy.

We know behaviour support plays a critical role in a student’s education and learning outcomes. This policy and procedures provide stronger guidance for schools to support and manage behaviour in consideration of a student's individual needs while ensuring all students, teachers and staff continue to be safe at school.

The Student Behaviour Strategy was released in March 2021, and encompasses three key areas: practice, support, and ongoing improvement and systems changes.

The new Behaviour Policy and Procedures are key elements of our work under the Strategy to ensure every student is engaged and learns to their fullest capability regardless of where they live and learn, and that all students, teachers and staff are safe in school.

The new policies and procedures offer a new approach to supporting all students, including those with complex and challenging behaviour in the classroom; and they will help ensure consistency of practice across all our schools.

Introducing the Student Behaviour Strategy, Policy and Procedures

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The Student Behaviour Strategy aims to strengthen positive learning environments in all schools, and strengthen student engagement and ownership of positive behaviours.

The Student Behaviour Policy and Procedures are underpinned by the Student Behaviour Strategy.

Schools play a critical role in supporting students’ behaviour, wellbeing and engagement in learning.

Informed by evidence, the Student Behaviour Strategy encompasses three key areas; practice, support, and ongoing improvement and system-wide change.

Practice aims to strengthen student engagement and positive learning environments that are focused on an inclusive, proactive, preventive approach to support student behaviour and wellbeing.

The explicit teaching of behaviour expectations along a care continuum will provide teachers with better options to support student behaviour.


Provide schools with new and improved professional learning based on positive behaviour principles, together with tools and resources.

The Delivery Support team is also available to work shoulder to shoulder with schools to enhance achievement of positive behaviour outcomes for all students.

The final key area, ongoing improvement and system-wide change, focuses on work to improve systems to connect schools and families with high-quality cross-government and community services, to support students through collaborative partnerships.

We are using evidence and better data collection methods to do this.

Learn more about the Student Behaviour Strategy on our website.

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For more information, please visit our Frequently asked questions page.

The Department also has a Behaviour Support Toolkit with evidence-based resources for classroom teachers and school leaders.

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