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Wellbeing Week on 11-15 October 2021 features great line-up of special events for students of all ages, parents and carers from some of Australia's best mental health and wellbeing providers. And it's all free.

Sessions for parents and carers on DART Learning

A group of students smile with their hands in the air.
Image: Wellbeing Week 11-15 October features special sessions for parents

The Department of Education's Distance and Rural Technology (or DART) Learning is presenting four sessions for parents and carers of primary and secondary school students as part of Wellbeing Week from the eSafety Commissioner, Smiling Mind, headspace Schools and Black Dog Institute.

These free, live events are all open for registration now at DART Learning. All you need to participate is a computer and an internet connection.

Date and time Session
Monday 11 October 7.30pm eSafety's parent guide to online gaming (for parents and carers of young people aged 8-13)
Tuesday 12 October 7.30pm Building resilience and wellbeing in the home - with Smiling Mind (for parents of primary-aged children)
Wednesday 13 October 7.30pm Supporting your young person's mental health - with headspace Schools (for parents of secondary school students)
Thursday 14 October 7.30pm Navigating your teen's mental health - with Black Dog Institute (for parents of secondary school students.)

#youthgotthis2021 Youth Mental Health Forum for young Australians

A group of 7 young people with the hashtag youthgotthis in writing
Image: #youthgotthis returns for 2021

A free online public forum on youth mental health, #youthgotthis2021 is for people who are passionate about the mental health of young Australians - sharing knowledge, research and lived experiences to improve the mental health of young people through education and empowerment.

Accomplished journalist, television presenter and Mental Health Advocate, Jessica Rowe AM, will be back to facilitate a panel discussion and Q&A with guests: Xavier Eales, Dr Rebecca Overton, Dr Ally Nicolopoulos, Kristen Douglas and Dr Emma Barrett.

Join us for to discuss the current state of youth mental health, share personal stories, listen to the concerns and questions of young people through the Q&A chat and explore how we can provide hope to the young people of Australia.

Find out more, register and submit a question or topic for #youthgotthis2021.

Date and time Session
Monday 11 October 7-8.30pm Youth Mental Health Forum at the University of Sydney's Matilda Centre

Events for students on DART Learning

A special week of free events for Wellbeing Week on the DART Learning platform features a diversity of content for students of all ages from some of Australia's leading mental health and wellbeing providers.

The line-up include lessons in physical education and how to keep your body and brain healthy; sessions on mental fitness, managing stress and challenging emotions; a workshop for senior students on finding their groove again as they get ready to return to school; and even a lesson in hip-hop to help students connect with their creative potential and boost their sense of wellbeing.

Tell your teachers!

Find out more about Wellbeing Week 2021: Special Event on DART Learning.

Date and time Session
Monday 11 October 10.30am Finding your groove again - with NSW Department of Education Student support officers (for Years 10, 11 and 12)
Monday 11 October 2pm Be an eSafe Kid: Online Boundaries - It's ok to say 'no' - eSafety Commissioner (for Years 3-6)
Tuesday 12 October 10.30am Be Kind to Your Mind - with Smiling Mind (for years 1-6)
Tuesday 12 October 2pm Mpower - Become the MC - with One Vision Productions (for Years 7-10)
Wednesday 13 October 10.30am Managing Emotions - with Kids Helpline @ School (for primary school students)
Wednesday 13 October 2pm Let's Talk About It - Mental Health - with headspace Schools (for secondary students)
Thursday 14 October 10.30am GetActive@Home - with NSW Department of Education School Sport Unit (for primary school students)
Thursday 14 October 2pm Emotional Intelligence - with Kids Helpline @ High School (for high school students)
Friday 15 October 10.30am All Systems Go - with Life Education NSW (for primary school students)
Friday 15 October 2pm Mental fitness - with Black Dock Institute (for secondary students)

Share your favourite songs and create the ultimate playlist

The Advocate for Children (ACYP) and Young people is inviting all young people to be a part of its ultimate 'young persons' playlist on Spotify. You can submit up to three favourite songs to sing to, exercise to, or relax to.

Entry details are on the ACYP website. Submissions close 5.00pm on Friday 15 October, so don't delay . Submit your favourite tunes to the ACYP Spotify playlist.

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