Survey resources

A variety of resources are available to support schools before, during and after completing the surveys. These include how-to guides, lesson plans, implementation guides, videos and PowerPoint presentations for schools and teachers to use.

Resources to prepare for running the survey

  • Getting started including account information and Tell Them From Me orientation video
  • Presurvey resources including survey setup, a lesson plan, powerpoint presentation templates to explain the survey and other communications and student preparation information

Resources for the survey window:

  • This short video will help students understand what the survey is, why students should take it seriously and answer questions as honestly as they can (log-in required).
  • Implementation guides for teachers (log-in required)
  • List of measures measured in the survey, including the difference between the standard and shortened surveys (log-in required)
  • Survey window resources provided by The Learning Bar include information about survey administration, monitoring progress and closing the survey.
  • Survey questions can be accessed by Principals and school coordinators (log-in required).

Read Accessing and using Tell Them From Me data for support with using your data following the survey period.

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