Engaging your community

This page contains parent and carer non-consent forms for the student survey, as well as resources about how to engage parents and carers with the parent survey.

Consent forms

The Tell Them From Me surveys operate on an opt-out consent model. Parents are provided with a non-consent form. Parents only need to complete and return the form to their school if they do not want their child to participate in the Tell Them From Me student survey.

Communication for your school newsletter

Increasing participation in the parent survey

Here are some tips that schools with high rates of parent participation have found useful.


  • Talk to your teachers early and often about the survey and set a goal for the school to reach.
  • Look for upcoming school events and talk about it,giving parents the option to complete it following the event.
  • Make it part of any parent-teacher interaction.
  • Schedule times with parents to complete the surveyeither before or after school.

In action

  • Send out personalised emails to your parents askingthem to complete the survey. Use technology to help you spread the message: text messages, ClassDojo, Seesaw.
  • Place it in the School Newsletter or communication board.
  • Provide students with information on the survey toprovide to their parents.
  • Host open classrooms and have devices ready forparents to complete the survey when they are onsite.
  • Send multiple reminders to complete the survey andinclude a countdown to the deadline.


  • Share the results with teachers and parents.
  • Set clear priorities and initiatives based on the results.
  • If you have low parental engagement, use the survey as the starting point to reengage with parents.

More practical resources and case studies for increasing parent participation in Tell Them From Me are available on the CESE website.

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