Tell Them From Me training

The department and The Learning Bar provide training for schools in key aspects of the survey.

Individual school or network support

Department education officers are available to provide support for schools individually, in targeted groups, or across networks, including:

  • workshops
  • consultations
  • presentations
  • professional learning for teachers
  • implementation guidance for CESE's research.

Support can be tailored to meet the individual needs of schools. Contact us to organise training.

Training webinars

The Learning Bar offers Adobe Connect training webinars for schools. These webinars are recorded for you to watch at a time of your choosing on the Tell Them From Me portal. If you don’t have access to the portal, ask your school principal or school coordinator to contact The Learning Bar to arrange access for you.

Who should attend the training?

We recommend that a designated Tell Them From Me school coordinator and interested principals attend the webinars.

What does the training cover?

There are three training modules available:

Webinar Module 1: Getting started - Implementing Tell Them From Me successfully

An overview of steps you need to take for a successful implementation of the Tell Them From Me student survey at your school. We will guide you through the steps for effective preparation and communication, setting up your surveys, monitoring survey progress and accessing reports. This session is for Principals and School Coordinators.

Webinar Module 2: Accessing, analysing and interpreting your Tell Them From Me reports

This session provides guidance on using the analytical tools available in the Tell Them From Me interactive charts, open-ended question reports and trend reports to drill down and carry out a deep analysis of results. The various reports will be discussed during this session to support you in getting the most out of Tell Them From Me at your school, and resources will be offered that are designed to support school planning and evaluation. Finally, strategies will be highlighted to help you effectively share your data with your school community, to promote student voice and authentic community consultation. This session allows time for participants to ask questions.

Webinar Module 3: Embedding Tell Them From Me in your school planning process

Taking Tell Them From Me to the next level with a focused look at how student wellbeing and engagement data can support an 'evidence culture' in your school. We provide guidance on drilling down into measures by student characteristics using the interactive charts, identifying equality outcomes using the engagement thematic report and monitoring progress over time using trend reports. Instruction will be supported with examples of how schools integrate Tell Them From Me into their school plan to mobilise student voice, inform decision making and engage their school community.

Webinar schedule

Term Week Date Time
4 4 Tue 3 Nov 3:30 pm
4 6 Thu 19 Nov 8am
4 7 Tue 24 Nov 11am

Accessing online training

  1. Log in to the Adobe Connect training environment
  2. Your username is your department username, followed by @detnsw (e.g. snow.white23@det)
  3. Your password is the same as your department portal password.
  4. Need help logging in? Contact The Learning Bar at: or 1800 823 621
Recorded versions of the training are also available on the survey portal.
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