Department use of data

Tell Them From Me is an important source of data for the department's ongoing research to support best-practice in our classrooms.

Evidence-based practices to support student engagement and wellbeing

The Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE) has produced a suite of Tell Them From Me publications that can help schools to understand and enhance student's engagement, wellbeing and learning experiences.

Focus areas include:

  • promoting student engagement
  • enhancing student wellbeing
  • Tell Them From Me and NAPLAN
  • transitioning to high school (in collaboration with feeder primary schools)
  • transitioning to senior high school and beyond
  • enhancing parental engagement
  • interpreting Tell Them From Me data
  • using data to inform school planning

CESE's research work is ongoing. We welcome suggestions for research topics that address the interests and needs of schools.

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