Accessing research and data

The results of the Tell Them From Me surveys are reported to schools in a variety of ways. The Learning Bar provides the full results for all Tell Them From Me measures. The department provides additional reports on certain measures which align to departmental priorities.

The Tell Them From Me Portal

Results of the Tell Them From Me surveys are typically provided by The Learning Bar to school leaders within three business days of their survey closing. School results can be accessed on the Tell Them From Me portal (login required). A variety of tools are provided to help interpret results, including:

  • a 'one click' summary report of each school's results
  • interactive charts which allow data to be drilled-down for specific groups (for example, by a child's year group) and provide comparison against state-wide and replica school averages
  • trend reports that allow the tracking of progress on measures over time.

Scout reports

Reports on the results of several key Tell Them From Me measures, including sense of belonging, expectations of success and advocacy at school, are available to school leaders on Scout. These are updated after the end of the first survey window each year. More information on these reports can be found on the Scout apps and reports page.

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