Your say

Hot topics: surveys, polls and insights on the issues that matter to you.

This is the place where we want to hear what you think about the world. A place where you get to have a say on the things that really matter to you.

From gaming to celebrity wardrobe malfunctions; from climate change to artificial intelligence; from the school curriculum to the ATAR – and everything in between – we want to know:

  • What gets you mad?
  • What makes you want to jump for joy?
  • And what are the things that simply make you scratch your head?

‘Your say’ is where we will run polls on topics suggested by you, publish your opinion pieces, and investigate and invite responses to questions you raise.

Where those topics touch on education and schooling, we will share your ideas, opinions and expertise with the NSW Department of Education leadership. We may even invite a reply!

How to have your say

There are three main ways for you to have your say on student voices:

  1. Send us an email to give us feedback, suggest a topic or ask a question.
  2. Submit your work for publication.
  3. Vote in a poll.

Why this matters

One of the reasons we started student voices is that we know that young people’s interests are not well represented in the media.

  • A recent analysis of Australian media revealed that only 1% of news stories directly quoted a young person. This was despite the fact that 34% of those news stories were about issues that would likely affect young people.
  • Another study revealed that nearly two-thirds (63%) of young Australians believe that news media have no idea what the lives of young people are like and fewer than half of young people (38%) think that the news covers issues that matter to them.

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