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Year 10 students created a temporary, site-specific work on the school grounds from recycled glass tiles. The artwork acts like an oasis, a buffer from playground noise.

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Students of St Clair High School created a temporary, site-specific work on the school grounds from recycled blue glass tiles.

our project is about recycling and

reusing objects to create beauty out of

trash we're out in the open using public

areas is a lot different to with a

canvas so the students have chosen a

site at the back of the school and it

sort of exists like an oasis or a

retreat from the noise of the playground

has taught me that we can use a

variation of their resources and areas

we can make it creative and expressive

no matter what it's it's within the

belly over leaning of trees and they've

developed this very intuitive site

specific installation that was inspired

by actually Andy Goldsworthy they come

out here they drew the space and I just

wanted them to work together as a group

collaborative and make patterns and

shapes and and in an intuitive work

drawing these lines intuitively but when

we took a step back and reflected we

noticed that there are a lot of common

themes and patterns which were emerging

and and students then we're talking

about the artwork as as a calming space

I will just connect it somehow to the

beach cuz of the blues and the peace it

feels like you know there's no specific


you have to follow a rule and then can

be expressive and use all make shell to

your advantage


personally I'm not fond of group work so

it was something very different for me

it taught me ways to cooperate with

people and try to share our ideas rather

than doing my own thing all at once


it's all different ideas so it's not

just one person with their perspective

it's so many different people coming

together and it's still looking really

awesome at the end

Art's a musical is like painting and

drawing now it's a lot more like you

know free I can choose where I want to

do it with what I want to do yes there

mark making their jewelry naturally in

the ground and I really like how we're

sort of doing that process so like

Christo drawing first and then actually

doing the mark making with the tile so

they're very abstract and very organic

our project has helped me to understand

that co-creating nature into our work is

a really important thing because it

helps people realize just how important

our world is to us and that we should

really strive our best to become one

with it


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