Parcel from my sister Kate

Look for the celebrity cameo in this companion piece to Jack and Tom by students at Miranda Public, Caringbah Public and Port Hacking High schools.

Duration ā€“ 10:39

Parcel from my sister Kate shows an alternate side to the Anzac story.

Boy 1

Boys, we'll never make it. Those Thompson boys will stop us for sure.

Boy 2

Let's face it, we're outnumbered and they're too strong. That flag's never coming off the pole.


What about my sister Kate.

Boy 1

She's a girl. Girls don't storm battlements and take castles and capture flags.


This one does.


I won't let you down Tom.

Thompson 1

There's a girl in the group.

Thompson 2

What a bunch of gā€“


She smacked you Thompson boys.

Boy 1

What a tiger, she's braver than brave.



Who wants to try one of my biscuits? It's a new recipe.

Boy 1

I wouldn't mate, she looks pretty but the biscuits aren't.


They're downright dangerous.


You're hilarious. COme on, try one for me?

Boy 1

Ok, lads, we'll all have one of Kate's biscuits.

[tapping biscuits on wooden bench]


What's got you all in a fluster?


The old Huns really been giving it to France and Britain. It's on Jack, it's on.


We need to sign up, Tom. We need to do our part and while we're at it we'll see the world.


This isn't a game Jack. It's not like capturing flags, this is war. People get killed. The newspapers don't tell you everything.


We'd better be in it. We can't not sign up.


If you boys are going I'm going to sign up.


Sorry Kate, they don't take women.


Why not? I can run faster shoot straight up and ride better than all you lot.


They won't let you Kate. They just won't.


We'll see about that.

How do I look?


What are you doing here?


I'm signing up. How do I look?


You look like a girl dressed as a bloke. It's not gonna work.


Maybe if we gave her a few whiskers, she'd look the part?


Alright, I'll sort out the whiskers, you get the paperwork done.




Alright, see you in a second mate.

Now remember Kate; deep voice, no eye contact, make sure you look down.


And if you're not sure, just say "mate". Here are your papers. I fixed them up best I could.

Enlistment officer



Ummm... mate?

Enlistment officer

Mate? I'd love to be your mate. Why don't we have a cuppa and a bit of a chat. Don't be a boofhead son. I'm a sergeant. Now, what's your name?


Ben, sir.

Enlistment officer

Full name?


Down, sir.

Ben Down?

I fix them up best likely you're next

sir down seven down pending romantic

sense of humanity what's your brother

Bob man I don't know man

good luck that's all

what am I going to do Khan I did I know

whether you take clover all punched on

punch me you see no hard units

distraction a distraction I'm game you

can fight like that good enough for me

okay the next room get eautiful what

you're a girl

let's go that again at least you can say

you gave your best shot you nearly got

through this yellow box would have been

a hurdle though what can I do now

don't worry sis we've back before you


look after my brother you know Mary's

horse got out last week that's the third

one was come on ladies we need to have

these parcels ready by Friday or they'll

miss the boat it's wrong Emel

she had a little from the vehicle her

husband's missing on the Thunder

that's the third letter this week for

someone from this space they were and

they said the war would be over by

Christmas that was two Christmases ago

there'll be no young men left soon

okay no no no pls i would like either

were there before for me I need to find

my brother is living in friend it's not

that reason there's you both I just have

to go what you have to go in a

roundabout way

I'm here to see my brother Tom its

private Thomas hook

it's the Patriots restaurant you must

come back later he's a very sick man

I've come all the way from Australia so

I'm not going to come back late I must

insist my Tom services you make

something else

careful he was caught in an explosion

and then gasped as he lay in the field I

thought I'd never see you again I've got

some biscuits for you outside in my

suitcase show me a better cake but worse

that's not very nice

I've come halfway it's Jack he was right

there with me before the explosion he

pushed me out of the way came he pushed

me out of the way it's okay Tom where's

Jack now this is in my hair when they

found me it's Jack's

I found use home I'll find Jack this is

for you jack

you were brave and brave I'll never

forget you now the years have gone

quickly plans new memories are clear and

fast locked in my heart and my soul and

his death draws me gently need for me

there will be no fear for you I'll be

braver but embrace all the joys of our

childhood throws a wild carefree lives

when our eyes could see all that was

cool and our friendship is wrong as to




  • Historical
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