Don't let the game own you - the making of the movie

We follow our Punchbowl Boys High School filmmaking team as they work together to create a message for their peers about the dangers of e-sports.

Video – Don't let the game own you - the making of the movie

Duration – 4:03

A video from Punchbowl Boys High School students.

- A bit of excitement, just in my chest.

- Butterflies in my stomach.

- [Boy] It's kind of like a make it or break it.

- Scene two, take three.

- Action!

- I don't want this message only to be for Punchbowl Boys.

I want it to be a worldwide message.

(upbeat music)

- [Boy] E-sports is basically like online gaming.

- I play rocket League, Minecraft, Fortnite, Overwatch.

- Most games these days are built to be addictive.

- [Boy 1] It's my turn.

- [Boy 2] At night, I play it for hours.

- Probably like, 5 hours and I'll take a break.

- It's just like, "alright I'll play one more game."

and if I lose, then I'll play another one.

I just wanna win.


- We're still planning what we're gonna do.

- The story is to show a bad and a good side to E-sports.

- In the bad scene, the kid is playing in, like a dark

and claustrophobic room.

What's another point you guys can say?

- [Boy 1] Avoid accounts you don't know of.

- Then, with the good one...

All the ideas is ours.

- I remember at home from school, once,

I recalled the moment when I was playing an e-sports game.

My mum, like, she yelled my name because I was focused on

the game too much.

I heard her but I just ignored her and it turns out,

she came downstairs and she told me she had just fainted.

So, we kind of based our video off something like that.

And she says pause it but it's an online game so you can't

pause it.

The biggest thing I want the audience to walk away with

is that they have to change something.

- They have to balance what they do and think about

what they're doing with their time.

(upbeat music)

- I am director and it's my first time.


- I am the cinematographer.

- Scene two, take one.

"Dad! What happened to the Internet?!"

- In primary school, I didn't really like

talk with the team that much.

But now, I've learnt that our team is actually

very important.

Because teamwork makes the dream work, basically.

I think the script has really come to life.

- Watching it actually happen right before your eyes

is something pretty big.

- Cut!

We're done.

- [Students] That's a wrap.

(inspirational music)

- Who's in the crowd?

- It's exciting and nerve-racking.

- [Boy] "With all my team mates". All this stuff is at the end.

- I don't think the students are really gonna agree with it.

- I'm actually really hoping the message gets through.

- [Boy] She's the one with the white hijab in the back.

Good morning, Punchbowl Boys High School.

Welcome to the screening of the e-sports film that I

and my teammates have been working on together.

And without further ado, let's watch the film.

- [Narrator] How does gaming affect your life?

"What? What happened to the internet?!"

- They were definitely interested in it. From what I saw,

a lot of them understood what the message was.

I didn't expect that at all.


- I never knew it would be, like, this good.


(upbeat music)

- I think the video turned out a huge success.

- I hope they will still have fun playing the games,

but I want them to control the game,

not the game controlling them.

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