Creativity in art literacy

Students at Scarborough Public School share their experience of their art literacy program.

The art literacy program at Scarborough Public School is helping students learn how to express their experience of art through words and language.

Watch as students share what they enjoy about art literacy and why it's important for their learning.

Video - Art Literacy at Scarborough Public School

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Art literacy allows you to creatively express yourself.

Student 1

I think Art Literacy is amazing because it's a chance to let your mind get creative and I think Gabrielle also does a very good job at teaching it.

Student 2

I have learned about all of the great artist around the world and wonderful paintings and Aboriginal ones as well and today at Art Literacy we painted a dragon and it was fun.

Student 3

I really like Art Literacy, it's important for kids our age to get it into our systems for the future, because then we'll be able to be more creative as adults and in high school. So, I think that's why I like Art Literacy.

Student 4

I think Art Literacy is really important because children need to express themselves and so they can let their emotions out and also make things that they really wanna make, if they don't have the option to do that at home.

Student 5

For me Art Literacy is really important because at school we do a lot of Math and English and we don't always do a lot of art, so, I think Art Literacy is really important to do some of it and get creative.

Student 6

I like Art Literacy because Gabrielle our teacher makes every lesson very fun and I like how we always makes things.

Student 7

I've learned from Art Literacy how to do a good drawings and good paintings and I've done clay.

Student 8

I love Art Literacy because of our teacher Gabrielle, she's so nice and she makes every lesson so fun and she teaches us all about famous artists and all the things you can do with clay.

Student 9

I think Art Literacy is good 'cause in class we're working so much that once we get the chance to paint our minds of creativity explode and we get to do all these amazing things that we would have never have done in class.

Student 10

I love Art Literacy because art is my passion, so, this is the place where I feel like I most belong in school and also I love what we do, we always create stuff and I like it and I love our teacher. [Students in unison] We love Art Literacy.

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