Transcript - Student mentoring Marcello and Butch

Student Voice - Marcello and Butch

Where do I begin?


I was not a very focused kid.

- [Female Voice] There were big behavioural issues.

- [Male Voice] He wasn't very resilient.

He'd have a lot of meltdowns.

- [Female Voice] There were moments when I felt like,

there's no hope.

That's before he met Butch.

- [Marcello] Butch really impacted my life.

I definitely wouldn't have achieved what I have without him.

(upbeat orchestral music)

When I first started school,

I'd just got diagnosed with ASD,

Autism Spectrum Disorder,

and, at that time,

I was not very self-aware.

- [Female Voice] What was happening was not working.

So we were asking for something different.

(crowd screaming) (rock music)

- [Butch] They call me Butch.

My real name's Michael but,

everyone just calls me Butch.

(rock music)

- I remember he was doing about five jobs

when he started working with me.

- [Butch] I was a baker for 22 years.

Did a lot of basketball coaching.

I've got four kids.

And I DJ (scratching record)

on the side.

(crowd cheering)

- Butch is a bit of a local celebrity,

so he's kind of known around town anyways.

- [Marcello] On dress up days, he's always the best dressed.

He actually did the helicopter break dance move

on stage.

He's like 40-something.

Like the later 40's, not to put an age tag on him, but.


(gentle music)

- [Female Voice] Just seemed to work really

well from the start.

- [Butch] If he was havin' good days, he would,

he would go off and play with his friends.

If he was havin' bad days, he'd probably hang around me.

I've gave Marcello a lot of reminders about personal space.

I just say, "Do you like space invaders?

"'Cause you're invading that guy's space."

- I sort of looked up to Butch so much.

And he, sort of, became a major role model for me.

I just, sort of, picked up from him, sort of,

different social skills.

- [Benita Stephens] His friendship groups blossomed,

as a result.

- [Butch] Every term, he was a bit more mature.

A bit more settled.

A bit more resilient.

- [Marcello] That really helped kickstart

where I am today.

- He said, "Oh, I wanna be school captain."

His father and I were like,

"Look, you know, it's really great that you wanna do this.

"But just be prepared that you might not get the outcome

"that you want."

- [Butch] There was probably,

about six students that come out to do their speech

to become school captain.

And then, when Marcello come out,

he was off the top of his head.

He had no piece of paper.

He had nothing written down.

(gentle music)

That was such a great speech. (crowd cheering)

We all sort of teared up.

Just couldn't believe it.

(crowd cheering)

- Well I became school captain

and that's pretty amazing.

- [Butch] He's been to America on a leadership programme.

- [Female Voice] There is no way that I would have imagined

that he would be able to achieve

all those things.

- [Ann Fraser] It's one of the best examples

of a mentoring relationship that I've seen in my career.

(inspirational music)

- [Butch] Knowing where Marcello

has come from to where he is now,

the job satisfaction's just,

out of this world.

(upbeat orchestral music)

- [Marcello] Having someone like Butch,

who was a mentor to me,

he's taught me so much.

I honestly can't imagine my life without him.

(gentle music)

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