Movie puts e-sports gaming in focus

A team of filmmakers at Punchbowl Boys High School created a message that resonates in these times: Don’t let the game own you.

Image: A scene from the Punchbowl Boys High School film, Don't let the game own you.

Last year I was part of a filmmaking project at my school. I only knew two of the boys in the team, but we all became good friends through the filming process. I have been used to working with a team since primary school and in high school, but this project felt more significant. I knew I had to do my job and communicate well with my team so that we would be satisfied with the end result.

The challenge for the film was we had to use entirely our own equipment, such as our own phones and tablets for recording and even the set or the environment our actor was going to sit in. Having to use the resources that we had was one of the restrictive elements of the filming process, but it was also what made it fun.

In the project, I was the cinematographer and I also edited the film. At the start we all agreed on the theme and then worked together on the storyboard and script. We had to think about things such as the mood in the room – so if it was dark it gave a feeling of sadness and being closed in.

A team at Punchbowl Boys High School has a message for players who spend too much time online playing e-sports.

We held a premiere in our school library and about 100 people came. The premiere was pretty cool as the director and I each got to make a small address before the video started playing. The crowd watched the film and I thought they understood the message we were trying to share which is: “Don’t let the game control you, you control the game.” That is my humble opinion, I am not a gamer. I am not the type of guy who is really "interested" or "obsessed" with gaming, however my teammates liked gaming and it was one of their hobbies.

I think the film turned out great. We all made discoveries along the way and we started to think about how we balance work and play and the way we interact with e-games. Through making the film I think it made a difference in how our team viewed e-gaming, so that when we play, we think more about how we are managing our time.

I hope by letting more people see our work [through the Student Voices hub] we can spread the message that you shouldn’t allow gaming to occupy too much of your life.

By Amin, Year 9, Punchbowl Boys High School

See how the team at Punchbowl Boys High School brought their film idea to life with this behind the scenes video.

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