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Members of the Student Voice in the Arts Council reflect on what inspires them to be involved in creative and performing arts projects.

Image: Painting is just one way to express yourself through the arts. This painting by Year 7 student Rhiannon Griffiths, titled Brave Souls, is part of the Operation Art touring exhibition.

There is a feeling before you go onstage; your breath is heavy, you can hear your heart beating, and the only smell is hairspray. There is a moment when the only important thing is to walk on the stage and perform. This is what inspires us to perform, sing and dance.

The arts have always been an integral part of Australian culture, from passing down stories of the Dreamtime to dancing at school discos. Staying connected through music has never been more relevant than now: our entire world has been turned upside down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional forms of communication were halted, and now in the recovery period, we are finding our feet again.

Thankfully, through online involvement, amazing adaptations and the power of patience, the arts have always been there for students to turn to; the songs, dances, plays and other performances are an outlet for creativity, which is something children and teens are taught to cultivate, and imagination, which is evident in every aspect of our world.

Being involved in the arts is always exhilarating; to feel the thrill of expressing yourself to others through performing and visual arts is incredibly rewarding and exciting. Something that attracts people to the arts is they give a point of difference. No one can have the same artwork! No one can have the same feelings and thoughts about a play or dance, even a piece of art can never be put together the same.

Students need to be able to have their ideas heard and acted upon, all students deserve the opportunity to be part of, and connected with, the arts. All students come together and really make wonderful friendships and create beautiful performances, allowing them to feel included and a part of something big. This is great for kids in big schools where they can find a small place where they belong.

Through the Student Voice in The Arts project, students can be inspired to create, perform and experience the joy that the arts bring. The goal of Student Voice in the Arts is to connect, inspire and support students across NSW through the arts, because everybody deserves to experience the thrill that art brings you in their life.

It doesn’t matter how much experience you’ve had with The Arts Unit, or the arts in general, you can still have the chance to express your feelings and thoughts with the incredible art you produce. With the limited capability of groups to carry on with the arts, it can be a struggle to find your inner creative self, but it’s still possible to get involved and to be a part of the arts community, because that’s what we’re here to do.

Despite the challenges of the pandemic which saw school musicals cancelled, debating teams disbanded, dance classes stopped and singing lessons halted, through the power of technology we managed to continue doing the things we love.

Among the most-used technology was Zoom, a seemingly unknown platform that was suddenly swamped with use from all over the world, connecting students, family and friends. And just like that, we bounced back and the arts managed to stay an integral part of our lives.

Although this period has been tough, we remember we’ve all had the same struggles. We’re all in this together. So now, more than ever, involvement in the arts is so important to being happy, creative and involved.

The arts are being presented in new, innovative ways we’ve never seen before. The level of organisation and perseverance, resilience and patience in the performing arts has been an incredible help with staying connected throughout a global crisis such as COVID-19. That's why we want your input.

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This article was written by Student Voice in the Arts members Isabel and Charlie.

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