ANZAC legend evokes a creative response

Poetry and artworks by public school students to mark our national day of remembrance of war veterans and defence personnel.

Image: Hamilton North Public School Year 6 student Erin Nash created this artwork to mark ANZAC Day.


By Wattle Flat Public School

His bravery and courage

was shown with a row of medals

on his jacket.

But it doesn’t tell the whole story.

It doesn’t tell us that the battlefield

was a nightmare,

as fierce as a wild animal,

always ready to pounce.

It doesn’t tell us about the

explosions as loud as thunder,

sirens screaming like newborn babes

putrid clothes and months-old rations.

It doesn’t tell us that the

blood flows like tears,

that despair and regret

are tossed about the battlefield like scraps of paper.

It doesn’t tell us that losing your mate

is like losing a brother …

a father …

like losing a part of yourself.

That war stole my friend’s life like a thief.

You need bravery as rare as an emerald,

… as hard as diamonds.

War digs at your deepest reserves

and scars the world like no other.

This poem written by students at Wattle Flat Public School and involved students from years 2-6. Wattle Flat Public is a one-class, small school established in 1858 to provide education for children of gold-mining families.

Image: Xanthia Nash, in Year 6 at Hamilton North Public School, evokes the ANZAC spirit in this artwork.


By Max Warnes

In distant fields, poppies grow tall

Where fearless souls, fought for us all

Die they must, glory they shall gain

In fields of strength, in fields of pain

Friendly faces coming home

Not feeling scared, not feeling alone

But to remember those, who died that day

Deserves a special kind of praise

A praise of hope, a praise of love

A praise to those who rose above.

Max Warnes is in Year 6 at Balgowlah North Public School in Sydney

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