About student voices

Student voices is for students, by students

What it is

Student voices is the NSW Department of Education’s new multimedia channel dedicated solely to students.

This is a place for your stories, your knowledge and your opinions. It is a place for you to express yourself creatively, to share your achievements and to exchange ideas and information.

It’s also a place for you to raise issues and showcase your perspectives on the things that matter most to you as NSW public school students.

Why this is important

Students have a right to have a say on things that affect your lives. And as educators, we have a responsibility to listen to – and act on – what you tell us.

So as well as being a place for fun and expression, student voices offers a way for you to be heard by education leaders and to influence the decisions that shape your experiences at school.

One of its aims is to build your capacity to be active participants in your communities, by helping you be part of the conversation.

You want to make the world a better place? Student voices can help make that happen.

Who this is for

Student voices is for everyone and we want this to be a place where NSW public students of all ages and all interests can have a say. Because there is no one ‘student voice’ but rather many different voices – many different ways of seeing, thinking, and believing. We will be actively seeking contributions from a wide diversity of students.

You can read more about our editorial guidelines on our get published page.

What we are missing

Your voice!

We know that students’ voices are missing from mainstream media. Student voices is your chance to have a say.

So tell us.

What matters most to you? What do you want to celebrate? What really gets you mad? What makes you happy? What makes you wonder?

What do you want to know more about? Is it:

  • technology
  • arts and entertainment
  • your local community events and issues
  • education and schools
  • health, safety and wellbeing
  • politics
  • the economy
  • lifestyle?

Why not start by spending 5 minutes telling us what you think in our first poll

Or jump straight in and send us your story, opinion, video, art, poem, song or music track, app, game, dance, idea, argument or question. All about how to do this is on our Get published page.

Connect with us

  1. Send us an email to give us feedback, suggest a topic or ask a question.
  2. Complete a poll
  3. Submit your work for publication.

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