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Applications to join the DOVES Council in 2023 closed on Friday 23 December 2022. The next round of applications will open in Term 4 2023.

The Minister's Student Council is the peak forum for interaction between NSW public school students, NSW Education and the NSW Minister for Education.

The council is officially known as the DOVES (Department of Student Voices in Education and Schools).

Read more about the DOVES Council on the about page.

How can I get involved?

Applications are open to public school students interested in joining the DOVES Minister’s Student Council.

Applications are open to public school students interested in joining the DOVES Minister’s Student Council.

The Minister's Student Council, known as the Department of Student Voices in Education and Schools (DOVES), is an initiative of the NSW Government to ensure student voices are heard in developing education policy and addressing matters of concern to students.

In October 2020 a student steering committee was formed to help co-design the council.

The result is DOVES a 27-member council representing students from all Operational Directorates across NSW, including Connected Communities, who advocate on behalf of their school communities.

There are three students representing each operational directorate who bring their wider student community into the policy process by holding regular DOVES forums, where they hear from special interest groups.

This is the council’s third year and there are 15 places available for 2023.

Spots available per directorate:

  • Metro North: 2
  • Metro South: 2
  • Metro South and West: 1
  • Regional North: 3
  • Regional South: 2
  • Regional North and West: 2
  • Rural North: 1
  • Rural South and West: 1
  • Connected Communities: 1

How do students apply?

Applications for the DOVES are open and will close at 5pm on Friday 23 December 2022 (Week 10, Term 4).

Students initial expressions of interest can be submitted via a video of up to 90 seconds or less in length and showcase you:

1. Tell us about yourself

2. Why would you be a good advocate and member of the DOVES Council?

3. Why are you passionate about helping NSW public education students? .

  • Applications are open for students currently in Year 5 to Year 9.
  • Each student will sit on the council for a 2-year term
  • There are no Year 12 students on the council due to HSC commitments.
  • If you are in Year 10 or Year 11 now you will be ineligable as your second year on the council will be in Year 12.

A selection panel will review all submissions and invite shortlisted applicants to join a short online video interview. The panel includes students currently on the DOVES Council as well as department representatives.

All students submitting will be contacted about their application.

Submit your application via the google form here.


Date Description
7 November 2022 Applications open
23 December 2022 Applications close
Week 1, Term 1 2023 Applications reviewed and shortlisted
Week 2, Term 1 2023 Shortlisted applicants invited to a short online interview
Mid Term 1 2023 Successful applicants announced and appointed to the DOVES Council

Need help or have a question?

Engagement with members of the Minister's Student council is facilitated by:

  • Katrina Stuve, Senior Adviser Minister Councils
  • Leanne Newsham, Manager Minister Councils

To learn more, send an email to


  • Student management and wellbeing

Business Unit:

  • Communication and Engagement
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