Advice from universities to HSC students

ACT and NSW universities are working with students, teachers, and parents and carers via admission processes to support university entry in 2021.

As school students make their way back to school, ACT and New South Wales universities wish to assure HSC students that they recognise that the COVID-19 pandemic has being a disrupting force to students’ studies.

Universities wish to assure all students, teachers and parents that universities would assist as much as possible via admission processes and wish to remind students that there are alternative pathways into university such as bridging and foundational courses to build up knowledge and skills that may have been lost during the pandemic.

Students should feel reassured that all universities are looking forward to welcoming this year’s secondary students into courses commencing in 2021, and that universities have learning support arrangements to assist university students with reaching their potential.

Australian National University

We recognise that HSC students in their final year of school have experienced a very tough year, and we want to give 2020 graduates the comfort of certainty in these times.

At The Australian National University we believe that anyone with the will and talent should have the opportunity to study at Australia's #1 university, and this is why we have improved the way we will admit undergraduate students for courses commencing in 2021.

Learn more about our sector-leading admissions process - which considers a student's all-round character, including community engagement and leadership, alongside Year 11 and ATAR results.

Visit the ANU website for more information.

University of Technology Sydney

UTS recognises the considerable disruption and additional pressure COVID-19 has placed on HSC students, and we appreciate concerns that the pandemic might negatively impact a school leaver’s ability to secure a place in the degree of their choice at their preferred university.  

Year 12 students can apply to UTS via one of our admission schemes, including the educational access schemes (inpUTS) and Schools Recommendation Scheme. Both of these schemes are aimed at helping disadvantaged Year 12 students gain entry to UTS by taking into account their specific personal circumstances and Year 11 results along with your ATAR when considering your application. Visit our website for more information - we look forward to seeing you in 2021.

At Macquarie University we recognise the challenges that COVID-19 has created for students this year. Through our range of tailored entry criteria, we ensure that even in this exceptional year you can enter university with the appropriate support for success both in your studies and beyond to your career. 

The standard UAC preference and offer process is just one of the ways you can get into Macquarie. While your ATAR rank can be a useful indicator of your chances for success in a specific course, it’s equally true that there are other indicators we can use to assess your suitability for a course. That’s why we have 11 different admission pathways to Macquarie.

Visit the Macquarie University website for more information.

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