Anaphylaxis training

In 2012 the Director-General mandated the completion of anaphylaxis e-training for all permanent, temporary and casual employees who work in schools.

This is in addition to the existing training requirements where a student at the school has been diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis.

Mandatory training for school staff

Anaphylaxis e-learning

This e-learning module has been developed to provide all staff working in NSW Department of Education with essential information about recognising and providing an emergency response to anaphylaxis, a life threatening condition, together with information about key departmental policies and strategies to manage and support students diagnosed as being at risk of anaphylaxis.

This training is mandatory for all permanent, temporary and casual school based staff to complete at least once every two years.

Face to face CPR and Anaphylaxis training

It is a Department requirement that all NSW government schools arrange face to face CPR and Anaphylaxis training annually through an approved panel of registered training providers.  For more information on the new training arrangements call the Health and Safety Directorate on 1800 811 523.

More information on Anaphylaxis training is available on the Health and Safety directorate webpage (staff only)

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