Anaphylaxis procedures for schools

Implementation of the procedures is mandatory for government schools and their preschools.

The procedures outline the steps schools need to follow to manage the needs of students who have been diagnosed as being at risk of a severe allergic reaction.

Where allergies are identified the Anaphylaxis Procedures (PDF 1.88MB) outline action steps that are required.

The procedures include two main sections:

Information and actions to support and manage the needs of students with allergies and anaphylaxis

Forms and letters for use by schools to support the action steps (Appendices 1-13)

  1. Students with allergies form (PDF 277.9KB)
  2. Information for parents and carers of students at risk of anaphylaxis (PDF 349.95KB)
  3. Authorisation to contact doctor (PDF 347.13KB)
  4. Severe allergies - information from the doctor (PDF 408.8KB)
  5. Information for school staff about anaphylaxis (PDF 435.2KB)
  6. Individual health care plan cover sheet (PDF 421.6KB)
  7. ASCIA action plan for anaphylaxis (emergency responses plan) (PDF 331.7KB)
  8. Risk management strategies (PDF 252KB)
  9. Examples of strategies for minimising risk (PDF 635.6KB)
  10. Communication strategies for school communities (PDF 324.8KB)
  11. Information about adrenalin autoinjectors (PDF 339.7KB)
  12. Flowchart - managing anaphylaxis at school (PDF 316.6KB)
  13. Checklist for a student who identifies with an allergy, including anaphylaxis (PDF 363.86KB)

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