Objectives of the Fund

There are 8 key objectives to the Student Wellbeing Innovation Fund.

The objectives of the Student Wellbeing Innovation Fund are to:

  • Encourage bold and innovative approaches to addressing student mental health and wellbeing issues
  • Support existing providers of wellbeing services/programs to develop quality, evidence-based programs and/or become sustainable and provide ongoing offerings to students and schools
  • Encourage authentic partnerships between sector and schools
  • Build sector capacity and capability to contribute to broader social and economic gains
  • Harvest new student wellbeing insights and evidence to inform and guide NSW Government policies and programs
  • Improve the efficiency and responsiveness of schools to meet individual student needs
  • Build an integrated framework of support for students with schools, community and sector
  • Build an evidence-based relationship between funding and student wellbeing outcomes.

Funding will be available to organisations that can support students in Preschool to Year 12 in NSW public schools.

However, the allocation of a Student Wellbeing Innovation Fund grant does not imply an agreement to undertake evaluation and/or research within schools nor does it entail any guarantee schools will use the program or initiative that has received funding.

For further information about the Student Wellbeing Innovation Fund please email:


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