Youth Express Association Incorporated

A not-for-profit charity providing mentoring, engagement and parenting programs to students and families in Newcastle and the Hunter region.

Who we are

Youth Express is a not-for-profit charity which works closely with school staff to identify current and emerging needs and to support young people engage in their education. All of our activities focus on building aspiration and supporting school engagement.

Where we operate

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Lower Hunter, Maitland, Port Stephens, Upper Hunter

Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, Schools for Specific Purposes, students with disability.

What we do

Our programs focus on the relevance of learning and skill development and how this links to adult life. We recognise that students connect best to learning through meaningful, engaging and rewarding educational experiences. Our programs are delivered through a mix of one-to-one sessions, small groups, cohort programs, experiential and tactile learning, peer support and mentoring.


Industry Links aims to link young people with industry mentors to promote aspiration and engagement in education. The program gives students a better understanding of the educational and skill requirements they'll need to successfully gain employment and start a career in business or industry after school. It also aims to develop partnerships between education and industry and provide direct mentoring opportunities for students and teachers.  Our programs target students and educators in Year 8 to 12. Our courses can be delivered one-to-one or in a group setting. Our programs address a range of education support needs including networking, industry interactions, career development and teacher professional learning.

Specific Industry Links programs and events include:

  • School Inspiration Days / Career Quests
    This is a full day event and costs $3600.
  • Teacher Industry Interaction Days
    A full day event which costs $150 per teacher, includes networking and luncheon
  • Student Inspiration Days
    This full day event is designed for a maximum of 18 students plus one teacher and costs $2400
  • Validate ME (V-Me) Mentoring Support Program
    This program focuses on accountability and gives participants skills to rely on their own sense of self rather than seeking external validation. It involves eight, two-hour sessions for small groups of 10 to 15 students. The cost is $3600.

Costs: As listed above plus GST.

Engagement or Re-engagement Services

  • SWITCH Foundation and Employability skill development
    This program is aimed at engaging young people in education by raising awareness of the skill levels required to gain meaningful employment when they finish school. Participants are engaged in ten, full-day workshops run by experienced career development and training staff. Industry specialists are engaged to ensure that information and advice is relevant. Activities include industry interaction, work inspirations, recognising education relevance and aspiration building. Workshops are followed by targeted work experience with a matched industry mentor. The one-day-a-week work experience component runs for 5 to 20 weeks and is designed to embed foundation skill development.
  • The Links to Learning Program
    This program is delivered in Maitland and targets Year 9 to 11 students at risk of disengaging from education. It is delivered one day a week.
  • Uni 2 U Guidance Workshop
    This course covers applying to University and or TAFE and helps students better understand career pathways. It consists of a one day guidance workshop and university visit for students in Year 8 to 11. It is linked to career pathways provided by qualified career development and education staff.

Costs: SWITCH workshops can be delivered on or off site in small group settings of 15 to 20 students. The program is targeted at students in Year 9 to 12. The cost is $1950 + GST per participant. Schools can partner with each other to make up a class for shared access.

Parenting Programs

  • Parents as Career and Transition Support (PACTS)
    This course was developed by the Brotherhood of St Laurence in recognition of the significant impact that parents have on the career and transition decisions of their children. Youth Express is a registered PACTS provider. The program aims to help parents guide their children through key transitional points. The program is tailored to the needs of different families at specific transition points. The emphasis of PACTS is on increasing access to knowledge about careers and transitions and learning how to have positive and informed conversations with young people about their transition choices and options. The PACTS program involves interactive workshops run by professional facilitators. It is generally delivered over two, three-hour sessions, with an optional third session.

Costs: It can be tailored to meet school and participant time requirements including outside school hours. The cost is $2000 + GST for full program co-ordination and delivery.


Youth Express Association Incorporated

Julianne Eldridge

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