World Vision Australia (Young Mob program)

A development organisation working with young Aboriginal people at school and on country to strengthen identity, connection to culture and school community.

Who we are

World Vision Australia (WVA) is a community development organisation that works with local communities in over 90 countries. We have been working with Aboriginal communities and organisations in Australia for more than 40 years. Young Mob began in Redfern 12 years ago when Aboriginal community members approached WVA and together we set up the program. It has been extensively developed and expanded since then.

Where we operate


Who we can help

Primary students, Secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student

What we do

Evidence shows young Aboriginal people are more likely to attend and engage at school when cultural identity and participation in cultural activities and learning is readily accessible. In NSW Young Mob (YM) works directly with young Aboriginal people at 22 schools. We can also work with other schools by invitation. We train and employ local Aboriginal people to adapt and run YM along with school communities. Trained Aboriginal facilitators work with Aboriginal student in school and on country to strengthen identity, connection with culture and school community.

Engagement or Re-engagement Services

YM is a three-level program for Aboriginal students. It aims to help Aboriginal students to develop a strong sense of belonging, positive self-knowledge and cultural identity. The program drives increased social and emotional well-being as well as improved confidence and better attendance and engagement in the school community. We adapt the YM program in collaboration with principals, local Aboriginal personnel and young people. All sessions are planned and run by Aboriginal facilitators who trained in YM and supported by guest facilitators and youth development specialists. An Aboriginal partner organisation works with local Aboriginal people and organisations to develop and run cultural camps. YM is offered to students who identify as Aboriginal and is structured as follows:

  • Introductory
    This involves 15 to 20 students in Year 5 to 7 students and includes six one-hour sessions over several weeks.
  • Intermediate
    This involves 15 to 20 students in Year 7 to 10 and includes twelve, 90-minute weekly sessions, a  four-day cultural camp and the opportunity to attend an eight-day cultural exchange trip.
  • Advanced
    This involves 15 to 20 students in Year 10 to 12, meeting regularly and working on self-selected projects over the entire school year.

Costs: Costs vary with location and scale. We require a minimum commitment of two groups of 15 to 20 students at a school or a similar number spread between two schools. An indicative cost for the entire program is $77,000 per school, over four terms.


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