Australian Childhood Trauma Group (ACT Group)

The ACT Group specialises in childhood trauma and provides mentoring and other engagement services across NSW.

Who we are

ACT Group provides support services to government and non-government agencies, schools and individuals. Our team includes experienced and qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, allied health professionals, education consultants, communications experts, project managers, resource developers and researchers.

Where we operate


Who we can help

Primary students, secondary students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, refugee students, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse students, Schools for Specific Purposes, students with disability.

What we do

We work with schools and supporting staff to develop a trauma-informed approach to educating and engaging children. Our aim is to create a school environment where students feel safe and involved because that helps children stay engaged with their education. Our services include: training, counselling, secondary consultation, assessment, program review, referral, research and development. We specialise in helping young people who are dealing with: trauma, attachment, brain development issues, resilience problems, self-esteem, behavior management, aggressive or violent emotions, offending behaviour, autism spectrum disorders, sexualised behaviours, cognitive disorders and more.


We offer support and guidance to staff to develop their knowledge, practice, skills and capacity for self-reflection as  trauma-informed professionals. Our programs are facilitated by qualified and experienced psychologists and social workers. They are ideally suited to individuals and small groups, but can be tailored to the needs of larger groups such as leadership staff, year coordinators or teachers. Our programs can be provided in-person or via video link. Comprehensive packages can be tailored to meet the individual needs of a particular school. The time commitment is generally one to two hours, twice a term.

Costs: Stand alone costs for mentoring / supervision services is $450 per hour for group sessions (max three hours) and $275 per hour for individual sessions.

Other Student Engagement and Attendance Services

Our therapeutic support services use a trauma-informed approach and are delivered by experienced and qualified psychologists and social workers. Services such as counselling or assessment are provided within these programs as part of a negotiated package.

  • The Smarter Schools Program
    A suite of services to assist schools reach the best possible academic, developmental and pro-social outcomes for all students. The program is particularly relevant to students who may have experienced trauma, abuse or family dysfunction. All services are available individually or can be tailored as a part of a package. The package may include services such as: school observations, staff support, student assessments and counselling, training, consultation, environment audits, reflective practice and other therapeutic services. The program is suitable for primary or secondary students who may have behavioural, social and emotional difficulties, perhaps due to adverse childhood experiences. Smarter Schools is a whole-of-school program that involves clinicians being embedded in the school and some services delivered via video link.
  • The Positive Choices Program™ (PCP™)
    A pro-social behaviour management program which encourages students to 'own' their actions by enhancing pro-social and cooperative behaviours, and using positive reinforcement. The PCP™ has been tailored to meet the diverse behaviour management needs of the classroom and playground. Positive Choices requires some onnsite whole-of-school training with follow up services provided via video-link.

Costs: Our services for schools are developed and packaged in consultation with individual schools based on their needs and budget. Therapeutic services such as counselling or assessment are provided within these programs.


Australian Childhood Trauma Group

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